As a brand, Azura Lovisa fleshes out an aesthetic and emotional presence, drawing inspiration from her own family archive of photographs and garments from 1950’s-60’s Malaysia. Her collection Chapter II, features hand woven Thai silks sourced from markets that promote small-scale cottage industry weaving. 




The hand woven silks, known as ahimsa silk or peace silk, are made in a process that allows silkworms to complete their life cycles and break out of the cocoon, unlike with other silks where the cocoons are boiled with worms still alive inside. 

By incorporating traditional textiles into her designs, Azura Lovisa hopes to help bridge the gap which isolates traditional craft from contemporary fashion and promote responsible sourcing practices.


The designs shown are made to order – Lovisa sources just enough fabric to reduce unnecessary waste. Through their pieces, Azura Lovisa hopes to promote responsible sourcing practices that help the Earth and our communities.


Azura Lovisa is a London-based slow fashion luxury label rooted in storytelling, exploring hybridity and transcultural flows while crafting a contemporary mythology people can inhabit.

Drawing from her mixed Malaysian-Swedish heritage and influenced by her experience growing up in Miami, Southeast Asian aesthetic traditions are interpreted via a Scandinavian design approach, with a focus on sensuous materiality, elegant silhouettes, mindful craftsmanship, and holistic harmony with the earth.

Garments are made with intention, featuring handwoven natural fabrics where marks of the maker are evident. Committed to sustainability, ethical practice, and honoring traditional crafts and heritage, Azura Lovisa designs collections that are small, seasonless, and gender fluid. Narratives unfold in interconnected cycles, building a distinctive visual universe that accumulates density with time, returning to signature elements and themes.


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