Building an authentic digital brand

“Your brand is your story. So let me tell you my story“, Lauren B begins as our second speaker for our 2020 Digital Detox series. Brand consultant Lauren B joins us to lead a workshop, exploring how we can create an authentic brand digitally. Originally from the French Caribbean island of Martinique, Lauren started her career in advertising agencies, in London. She has previously led digital strategies for global brands and now combines her passion for marketing and arts to help artists branding themselves online and increase their visibility. Lauren B has recently been recognised as a business coach to know in 2021 by Yahoo! Finance, and we loved hearing her honest tips.

During a time that many were using the spare time we had been given to think about what’s next and what to do with our hobbies and personal brands, it was great finding out more about how Lauren helps creatives create an authentic personal brand.

You can listen to the full conversation below.

Our Top Three Tips:

  • Ask yourself what do you want to be known for? and who do you want to work with? 
  • Start with your audience. You think you know your audience well but perhaps you are generalising them (e.g. by gender, age group) – you need to know your audience on a personal level. Go deep down into who this person is.
  • Sharing your story is the best way to get authentic followers. The world is not stopping, it’s just getting started in a different way.

About Digital Detox Week

Every year, Colechi hosts a self-care event for multi-disciplinary creatives in the fashion and art space. This year we are exploring how we engage with the digital space in a way that allows fashion and art creatives to build and maintain businesses and projects with positive impacts across different areas of life, from creating healthy systems in a creative business to taking care of our physical and mental needs?

Digital Detox, a week of online workshops and activities  that reimagines how we can use digital spaces with well-being and mental health at the centre of our activities. The shift to digital is shaking up the fashion industry and we want to know how small businesses and independent creatives can utilise this shift whilst protecting their individuality, mental health and personal goals. 

Digital detox is about understanding the balance of having a healthy online and offline identity. This series looks at removing toxic traits from the old digital world and reinventing what we want the online space to look like. 

Lauren also runs Make Your Mark, find out what she is up to by following her platforms.




Colechi is a co-learning platform for independent creatives in fashion, art and design. We create online and offline spaces where creatives can share ideas and understand how to exist in the fashion and creative industry.

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