The Vegan Leather Guide

What is vegan leather? And is it really better than animal leather?

Animal leather is without a doubt subject to ethical and environmental concerns. According to the United Nations, animal agriculture (which includes meat and leather harvesting) is responsible for 14.5% of greenhouse gas emissions. This has led to a movement towards alternative leathers.

For many of us, vegan leather may seem like old news – its reliance on fossil fuel has raised questions. While these cruelty-free moves can seem like an environmentally conscious choice, this might not always be the case. We break down vegan leather into 3 categories and explain its impact, process.

Clean Fashion Guide

Colèchi intoduces Clean Fashion

Clean fashion is a project that brings together a collection of independent designers and creatives to shed light on the current sustainability crisis within the fashion supply chain. As we work to educate and bring awareness to the stages of garment production (from sourcing, to retail, to waste management) we hope to foster new collaborations and gather unique insights to solve some of the industry’s biggest challenges and behaviours. The Clean Fashion approach examines the industry in four parts: fabric sourcing, making and manufacturing, media and marketing and the afterlife (postconsumer). Our goal throughout the project is to continually reflect on one question: ‘how can we improve the fashion industry?’.

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