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Colèchi is a fashion research and co-learning agency reimagining the industry through collaboration and community. Colèchi uses action research to confront broken systems in fashion, art, and design to facilitate a more ethical and inclusive industry. Our work includes
consulting brands and organizations, curating content, events and exhibitions and driving innovation through research.

In the hopes to move towards a planet first industry, Colèchi presented Clean Fashion, a new term, introduced during a series of online events in September 2020 which brings to light every stage of the fashion supply chain. The series explored the full fashion production line, inviting independent creatives to speak about each sector. Clean fashion is a movement which seeks to understand how we can bring transparency around the full process of garment making and encourage a more ethical process and the new way of working pioneered by emerging creatives within fashion. In September 2021, Clean Fashion was
physically presented at VITRINE Gallery, as part of the Southwark South Design District and supported by London Design Festival, which showcased designers and innovators whose work revolved around the 3 sections of Clean Fashion: Fabric Sourcing, Manufacturing and

This year with Clean Fashion we are aiming to publish our first Journal, a collection of written pieces ranging from informative to personal thought pieces centering the main topic of Fashion Farming and regenerative practices.

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