Journal Issue 1 : agreenculture

We are Colèchi a collective and research agency actioning sustainable development in the fashion industry. We are exploring our project “Agreenculture” which explores fashion and farming through the slower medium of print. Launching our first printed journal in September 2023 exploring the the origins of clothes from the soil to your wardrobe through digestible and thought-provoking essays, texts and visuals to stimulate ideas and collaboration. Above is a snapshot of our visit to Fernhill Farm, a regenerative hub specialising in sheep wool, based in the UK. 

Our journal is a collaborative book with voices from growers, weavers, designers, scientists, media and upcyclers to provoke new thinking and collaboration on how the clothing industry can work with nature alongside insight from rural farms to bridge the conversation between agriculture and design methods in the fast paced city. The journal will feature the voices of: Tamsin Blanchard, Orsola de Castro, Alice Robinson & Sara Grady, Rebecca Burgess, Emma Slade Edmondson, Ngoni Chikwenengere and more.

PRE-ORDER & support

We raised £15,000 via Crowdfunder to kick-start the production of the journal. Pre-order your copy or support this project. 


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Speak to the Colèchi editorial team to find out how you can contribute to our online or print journal. 

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Have a project that aligns with Agreenculture? Find out how we can collaborate. 

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