CQ Studio focuses on the research and development of regenerative textiles, educational workshops and consultancy for brands and designers.  


The Inflaxuation project investigates how we can create more value for flax (a type of food and fiber crop). This research started at Mallon Linen, a farm in Ireland which is reintroducing flax into their land. The entire process supports the regeneration of the crop soil, which contributes to combating climate change as well as improving the biodiversity in the area. 


Inflaxuation aims to create a wider range of textiles using only the materials sourced from the crop rotations at Mallon Linen. This includes diverting waste streams back into the process. Materials produced include, flax fur, flax leather, starch buttons and fertiliser sequins. The coat on display is an experimental piece made from these materials. As flax does not rely on pesticides and irrigation systems to support growth, it can thrive simply on rainwater. It demonstrates how regenerative agriculture can create more value for both nature and design


Cassie Quinn is the founder of CQ Studio, which was created during her MA in Biodesign at CSM. CQ Studio focuses on the R&D of regenerative textiles, educational workshops and consultancy for brands and designers. 

Cassie is a fashion and materials designer with a focus on sustainability and regeneration in the fashion industry. She has been awarded many prizes for her work including, semi-finalist Mayor’s Entrepreneur Award, Haberdashers Scholar, UAL Social Enterprise Programme Award. Most recently she was awarded the prestigious Mead Fellowship, which was for a project to conduct research into regenerative fibres for fashion. 

WEBSITE: www.cqstudio.uk

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