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Multi-hyphenate artist from the UK speaks about her journey as a creative and how she developed her identity. Born and raised in London, she decided to make the most of it and started following her dreams at a young age. Without limiting her opportunities, she records songs, runs a fashion Instagram account and occasionally does modelling. Her career is booming, all with the help of passion and dedication. Meet 15-year-old Joyce Cisse; the girl who decided to leave her comfort zone and become a role model at an early age. 

Joyce, known as @flowerovlove is a girl who proves that anything is possible. Reconciling school with creativity, she leads her career all the way up. At the tender age of twelve, she started writing songs and luckily her single ‘Kiss & Chase’ is the result of her ideas which occurred three years earlier. Her creative soul is full of talent and ideas. “I’ve been in love with music for my whole life, however only perusing it as a career this year. Same with clothing. I started exploring fashion a year ago while being styled by my brother. I was like: ‘I actually like this’. The learned lesson is that you should always be open to new things because you may like them,” she says. 

Paris Fashion Week was another thing which Joyce added to her list of achievements this year. The XULY.bët brand (@xulybetoffical on Instagram) was having her as a model and provided her with an amazing experience and unforgettable memories. Joyce prides herself that she has already started achieving her little dreams. “I love that I’m starting young so that my knowledge will be more advanced in the future. It’s also nice not to wait and just go and peruse your dreams. It doesn’t matter how old you are if you want it, do it! There are no ifs and buts,” she says.

Balancing between a school and creativity, she is able to push both in the right direction. “The school takes up quite a bit of my time, however it’s something we all (if we have the privilege) have to do. I manage to juggle both music and school both require time, but fortunately, I’m getting through it,” she says. Her worldview is very mature. The lyrics which she writes are a significant part of her self-growth and personality. “I care about what I write and what message I’m sending to the audience. My songs are reassuring that whatever happens, you’ll overcome it,” she says. 

Three songs ahead, she’s openly talking about the meaning and purpose of the songs. “Both ‘Kiss & Chase’ and ‘Unseen Miracles’ follow a growth story. The jittery pop sound of ‘K&C’ reflects a calculated uncertainty about hanging out with friends. This is expressed as the chorus echoes. ‘Unseen Miracles’ is inspired by the feeling of nostalgia, and not relying on friends to have a good time; fundamentally enjoying your own company. Finally, ‘Fat Wave’ is about finding your own wave, living for you. It’s important to be selfish sometimes. Never belittle yourself or give up on your journey,” she says. 

Her personality and self-expression like a magnet attract more and more followers. “I see everyone who follows me as a friend. I also actually don’t like social media. I prefer real-life interactions so much more! I’m not worried about making people stick around because everyone can make their own decisions. I don’t care about followers etc. I care about people listening to my music,” she says. She draws inspiration from everything around her. Her favourite artist is Wilfred, but she doesn’t limit herself. “For music, I can say literally everyone I listen to, and it always changes. I listen to whatever Spotify recommends me. For fashion: people who I see in the streets of London. I can see the most amazing outfits, and I just steal ideas from each fit and put something cooler together,” she says. 

Joyce also leaves a message for young creatives: “You can feel all emotions and be drawn to all kinds of thoughts. The essence of life is a change; not changing yourself, but changing the way you think. Remember that you control your thoughts! Everything you want, go for it! Seize all opportunities, fake it till you believe it and become it.”

Her latest single ‘Fat Wave’ had its premiere on 31st of October. It’s ready to listen on every platform. “It’s such a good song, and it is the start to me branching into new genres, so this is all so exciting. Music lives in my heart rent-free,” says Joyce. Go and listen to her, let’s support young creatives; they build our future.



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