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We’ve answered some of your questions about the diss.course platform below; they range from questions on ownership and IP, to how to get involved with our community. 

I'm an Author With Questions:

No – we will only publish a summary written by you. You will be credited on the article and you can add your details so that readers can reach out to you individually. We only deal with complete dissertations and cannot publish them before they have been submitted. 

Yes – this platform is a space for recent graduates, alumni and thinkers to share thoughts and ideas stimulated from their studies.

We do not publish dissertations. A summary of your dissertation will be published on our website, provided by your answers to our survey.

Unfortunately this opportunity is unpaid. However we are working towards providing opportunities via this platform. 

 We do not ask for full dissertations. Access will not be provided to others unless you grant permission to specific individuals.

You remain the sole author of your original work. We only ask for a summary of the concept explored. Please speak to your university to find out more about ownership and publishing your work.   

Fashion is a multidisciplinary industry and we want to explore the multiple issues that impact the fashion industry, from mental health, climate change, politics, economics, anthropology, science and beyond. If your dissertation or submission refers to ideas that may impact the fashion or creative industry, we want to hear from you. 

I'm a University With Questions:

No – the author of the dissertation has full ownership of their work (Under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, 1988). Our platform is an opportunity for students to give an overview of their findings and generate new conversations. The diss.course project only requires a summary of the essay.

We want to work with universities to provide an additional platform for research and for students to showcase their work, and we do not ask for, or publish dissertations or essays. We work with projects that may have been written last year, or 100 years ago, to amplify voices and thoughts that may not have been heard.

We do not publish whole dissertations; upon request, authors can be contacted by readers to discuss their ideas. Colechi will encourage that all ideas are referenced correctly if used in others’ future work. 

We want this information to be available to everyone so this will be free for everyone to access. We are fundraising and gaining sponsors in order to allow it to continue being a free service. 

Share with your community, fill out our survey, chat with us or give us a call to learn more about the project. 

If you’d like to contribute to diss.course, express your interest to disscourse@colechi.com or fill out this survey. 

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