The Magic of Mushrooms in Fashion: What is mushroom leather?

Mushrooms aren’t just for eating…it’s time to uncover the magic and mystery behind mushrooms as the fashion industry’s newest obsession, with the likes of Stella McCartney, Balenciaga and Hermès launching collections including mushroom materials.

This episode invites Fashion Designer Eirinn Hayhow and Fungal Materials Specialist Ashley Granter to delve into why mushrooms and fungi are growing on us here in the UK. From being a more ethical alternative material to leather and pleather; the misconceptions on foraging and insightful lessons from the hidden world of the mycelium eco-system.

Hosted by Aaliyah Facey and Reanar James. 

Have fun-gi’s!


This podcast includes the following chapters…


[3.22] – Beginning of Mushroom Journey – Eirinn Hayhow


[6.09] – Beginning of Mushroom Journey – Ashley Granter


[13.23] – Eirinn’s & Ashley’s Design Process


[23.05] – Bio-Materials & Longevity of Mushrooms


[26.37] – Growth of Fungi Fashion within the Fashion Industry


[32.42] – Eirinn and Ashley’s Career Journey’s in Design


[34.34] – How to Begin Your Own Mushroom Journey – Using Plant-Based Materials Within Design


[35.35] – Biggest Misconceptions Of Using Mushrooms In Design 


[39.25] – Reflection Section

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