Every year, Colechi host a self-care event for multi-disciplinary creatives in the fashion and art space. This year we are exploring how we engage with the digital space in a way that allows fashion and art creatives to build and maintain businesses and projects with positive impacts on across different areas of life, from creating healthy systems in a creative business to taking care of our physical and mental needs?

Millennial and Gen Z consumers and founders have made mental health a priority in fashion. As an industry that has built a reputation thriving off insecurities, fashion has been pushed to implement healthier habits. We are hosting a series of talks, workshops and conversations that focus on the complex world creatives in fashion and art create for their businesses. We will explore what wellbeing means to a fashion founder, as it goes beyond #SelfCareSundays and involves understanding oneself, building businesses with systems and structures that ensure it can sustain itself and workers and the beauty formed through genuine collaborations and connections.


Farah Liz Pallero

How can we incorporate well being and spiritual processes into our lives to become better designers, entrepreneurs and craftspeople? With 20 years of experience in the fashion industry working with clients such as Dolce & Gabbana, WGSN and Graduate Fashion Week. You will understand how how professional well-being can create stronger organisations.

Lauren B

How can we uniquely exist in the digital space? Brand consultant Lauren B. joins us to lead a workshop which will give you the tools to make your own digital strategy. From the French Caribbean island of Martinique, Lauren started her career in advertising agencies, in London. She has previously led digital strategies for global brands and now combines her passion for marketing and arts to help artists branding themselves online and increase their visibility.

Tamika Arnold

A 20 something year old self-love educator, mindset mentor and personal style creator with the aim to inspire and help women create change in their life and live a life they love. Learn how to use journalling as a form of self-care; from using the digital space to tell your story and tracking your progress.