The Clean Fashion Summit 2022: aGREENculture was hosted at Somerset House, London on 17th March 2022. The summit explored the link between fashion and agriculture and post-pandemic fashion education; uniting thought leaders to discuss collaborative ways the industry can tackle some of it’s biggest supply chain problems locally. From climate change, inclusion and ethics.

‘aGREENculture’ explores the link between fashion and agriculture, as clothing is the centerpiece of the industry, we trace the supply chain back to the origins and bring to light awareness of agriculture and farming as key contributors to fashion whilst highlighting the developments happening in this field, from bio-materials, recycling plants to legislation. The event was a display of Colèchi’s efforts to shed recognition on the importance of ‘Clean Fashion’.




This was the first discussion of the event held in a separate room, where everyone congregated and listened to how fashion roots relies on agriculture and the importance of even the smallest made material is paramount, in order to thrive within the farming process. The more sustainable the source, the better! 

Hosted by Tina Wetshi Co-founder at Colèchi. The rest of the panel amongst the discussion included; Aurélie Fontan Co-founder at Osmose Studio, Kaela Katz Co-founder at FibreLab, Vlora Salih Head of Commercial at Tony’s Chocolonely and Maz Smith Co-founder at Esce-tex.





The second talk on the day raised lots of discussion about post pandemic education within fashion and how small designers and others within the fashion industry have evolved before and during the pandemic. 


Hosted by Piarvé Wetshi at Colèchi and Deborah Lyons, Co-founder at Last Yarn. Joining this panel, we had the likes of Dr Laetitia Forst, Researcher at UAL/BFTT, Bel Jacobs (Journalist),

Ioana Pop,  a student at LCF, Fashion PR and communications, Davina Hawthorne, a Fashion textile designer & educator at FACE (Fashion Academics Creating Equality).






An interdisciplinary design studio focused on regenerative circularity and sustainability in fashion, homeware and furniture. Specialising in mycelium materials. 

Teatum Jones

Fashion brand founded by born Londoners with British and Irish heritage, united by a shared fascination of humans and their stories. The brand truly believe in the power of fashion to present a pro-social message of inclusivity and positive identity.




José Hendo

José Hendo takes a fresh approach to contemporary fashion design, challenging the obsolescence nature of fashion, and the throw away culture. The label specialised in barkcloth.


Megosa is sentimentally named after the founder’s Godmother, a beautiful and strong Eritrean woman. Each piece is designed sustainably, in harmony with nature using kind fibres, circular processes and natural dyes. The aesthetic embraces femininity, empowering the body through touch and feel for everyday movement.




Emily Lamb

An exclusive look at British designer Emily Lamb’s AW22 Collection “Rose Red and Her Friends”. From farm to fibre in less than 50 miles, Emily only uses 100% British wool. A heritage natural fiber chosen for its biodegradability, long lasting and self preserving qualities.


TryKind Clothing is an ethical and sustainable underwear and loungewear brand that specializes in dyes that boost wellness. They work with artisans in the Keralan jungle to dye organic cotton with ayurvastra dyes (a tradition of over 5000+ years). 




Olivia Ruben

Olivia Rubens’s work is also ingrained within environmental sustainability. She collaborates constantly, and continually invests in research and innovation, working to link novel developments in bio design within her design practice, with a goal to design positive impacts for the planet and people.






Discarded Spirits Co.

Delicious sustainable cocktails made from zero-waste

Black Business Incubator at Somerset House

An incubator aims to help early-stage Black entrepreneurs unlock their full potential and allow their creative enterprises to thrive.

Tony’s Chocolonely

Tony’s mission is to make all chocolate 100% slave-free.

Last Yarn

The social marketplace for deadstock fabric from fashion manufacturers, mills and studios.

Mister Freed Tortillas

Gluten-free and vegan TORTILLA CHIPS


100% Organic, Plastic-Free, Vegan Period Care

Simpleas Snacks

Plant-based food we can all feel good about eating made from 100% peas


100% Natural holistic and wellness brand offering a cutting-edge synergy of Naturopathy, Homeopathy, and Herbology.

Virtue Drinks

A delicious clean alternative to traditional energy drinks.


The term Clean Fashion was coined by Colèchi following a series of virtual conversations discovering the impact of fashion across the industries supply chain, split into the following four areas: sourcing fabrics, making and manufacturing, marketing and the media and the afterlife of a garment

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