Colèchi presents Clean Fashion, a new term, starting in September 2020 which was introduced by a series of online events, bringing to light every stage of the fashion supply chain in order to be reimagined to develop a more circular process.

Clean Fashion is a movement designed to understand how we can bring transparency around the full process of garment making, encouraging a more ethical process and the new way of working, pioneered by emerging creatives within fashion.

The Clean Fashion Exhibition: ‘Earth Must Come First’ showcased the work of designers and artists putting the planet at the center of design, held at VITRINE 24/7 from the 18th-26th September in 2021. This was a part of the London Design Festival in partnership with VITRINE and the Southwark South Design District.




The Climate Emergency has forced us to collectively reevaluate the fashion supply chain and understand the influence agriculture, technology, and transport has on the planet. The exhibition features bio-design and regenerative textiles, fashion from repurposed waste material, and the use of community and local initiatives. Revisiting the current cycle through a multidisciplinary lens that explores better ways of production that put people and the planet first. 


From this, we held an exhibition on view for 24/7 in the centre of Bermondsey showcasing the wonderful works of Azura LovisaCQ Studio

CONGREGATIONdesignErinn HayhowFée UhssiManimekalaRevivalFibershedThe Slipper Project and Zoe Sherwood.

With special thanks to both drink sponsors held at this event – Lemonaid and ChariTea!





Why We need to Talk about Fashion Media for Sustainable Fashion + Zine making workshop

On the 22nd of September, we held a discussion over delicious nibbles from Lokma restaurant with guests Chekii Harling, Dr Rosie Findlay and Zofia Zwieglinska and explored how we all can collectively change fashion media. This was part of our ongoing research with the FashionFutureMedia project in partnership with Atlas of the Future, Makerversity, Colèchi and the JJ Charitable Trust. The talk was followed by a zine workshop encouraging the crowd to share their message to the fashion industry using old magazines.


The term Clean Fashion was coined by Colèchi following a series of virtual conversations discovering the impact of fashion across the industries supply chain, split into the following four areas: sourcing fabrics, making and manufacturing, marketing and the media and the afterlife of a garment. Immerse in the virtual exhibition featuring independent designers putting people and the planet first through design. The IRL Clean Fashion Exhibition took place during London Design Festival 2021 in partnership with VITRINE and ChariTea as part of the Southwark South District. 

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