Media too often either ignores – or exploits – many people or communities, whether in the stories told, images presented or through exclusion from creative opportunities. Fashion and lifestyle media need new role models, new voices and greater representation. Meanwhile, sustainability stories under the cover of conscious consumerism perpetuate the myth that growth and overproduction can continue.

In 2021, Colèchi became part of FashionFutureMedia, a collective of concerned creatives. This included members of the Atlas of the Future and Makerversity communities – exploring how fashion media can put people and the planet first and what possibilities fashion media can present in the future – Aiming to underline a new version of media that supports a more sustainable future for a fashion system that will work within the earth’s limits. We used Earth Logic – the Fashion Action Research Plan from Kate Fletcher and Mathilda Tham as our framework and our guide.




During the lockdown the project engaged with a collective of voices via interactive discussions, workshops and focus groups to discuss what was missing in fashion media and what they’d like to see. We interacted with emerging designers, creatives, artists and writers across our community.




You can find the FutureFashionMedia virtual exhibition here!

We collectively curated an online exhibition, an experience and open source platform for the public to access our findings and the new voices in media making fashion more inclusive and responsible.Follow the link and take your time to scroll through the virtual exhibition of FutureFashionMedia to explore new possibilities for fashion media to be more responsible, representative and joyous.




The FutureFashionMedia collective has been prototyping other media formats and ideas that could contribute to positive change in the fashion system. Projects include:

The Slo-Down

A weekly e-newsletter of things to do, make, learn and share – but never buy – that can help us move into a fairer fashion future.

Our Fashion Futures

A local digital media about clothes and community – by young people for young people. 16-24-year-old content creators develop stories about the fashion system within their communities.

Back of the Wardrobe

A podcast panel series for people to bring questions about clothes and fashion, and find answers that are positive for the planet. 

Reimagine Fashion With Us