Revealing patterns? Interview with Erika Maish

For designer Erika Maish, the making of her garments demands perhaps more creative labour than in the design process itself. “There’s a level of enjoyment that’s in the physical crafting of fashion – it’s not always about the efficiency in

Are Charity Shops still an option?

When Charity shops are oversubscribed with our second-hand clothing, what are the alternative ways to get rid of our old clothes? With the increase in frequent wardrobe cleansing and charity shops receiving more donations than they can handle, are they

Digital Clothing Changing Social Media

For many, how we present ourselves to others on social media has become just as significant as how we express ourselves daily. With fashion constantly evolving and increasing pressure to reduce overproduction, digital clothing is rising.  With virtual garments becoming

Trust Issues in Fashion: The new CMA Legalisation

With the birth of transparency within the fashion industry, greenwashing became a byproduct, a misleading movement made successful through buzzwords. As a consumer in the age of eco-consciousness and awareness, do we have enough information about the clothes we wear?

Clean Fashion Exhibition: LDF21

Colèchi presents Clean Fashion, an exhibition of designers and artists putting the planet at the centre of design, for London Design Festival 2021 as part of the Southwark South District, at VITRINE, London. Clean Fashion focuses on how every stage

Reimagining Media: Online Exhibition

We’ve always questioned the involvement and influence of the media within the ethical fashion conversation, and we are excited to bring you FashionFutureMedia, a collaborative project that reimagines an inclusive, responsible and creative fashion media industry. Fashion Future Media is

Leaving her comfort zone at 15 years old

Joyce, known as @flowerovlove is a girl who proves that anything is possible. Reconciling school with creativity, she leads her career all the way up. At the tender age of twelve, she started writing songs and luckily her single ‘Kiss

The App Democratising Influence in Fashion

LetsBab is an app which is shifting the centres of fashion to you and your friends. The app has established a new way to shop which allows you to get paid or support a good cause. In a world of

The Female Voice in the Sneaker Industry – Common Ace

It’s been four months since Romy and Sophia decided to save the sneaker world for women. Male-dominated space needed some changes. Not only flexibility but also better access and stock for women. Two friends, currently based in LA, they came

Clean Fashion 2020

In the hopes to move towards a planet first industry, Colèchi presents Clean Fashion, a new term that brings to light every stage of the fashion process. Introducing the term with a series of online events from 18-23 September 2020,

Meet the people that shop small

Meet the small fashion brand consumers who are reminding us why we love independent stores and sharing what transparency looks like to them. We’re guilty of summarising all retail customers with one voice. “They don’t like spending any more”, “they

Defining transparency

What does it mean to be a transparent brand? The route to sustainability is undoubtedly long and complicated. Being a sustainable brand in a market-driven by growth is continuously challenging, not only because the word ‘sustainable’ in terms of a

Lockdown: Changing Gears

Working during the lockdown has not been easy but even with the pandemic raging on, creatives have remained innovative, working within an industry that seemingly never sleeps. If there was any kind of silver lining to the lockdown, it was

Earth must come first

We’ve accepted that there is no way that we can go back to the same cycle of destruction created by the fashion industry. So when Atlas of the Future approached us about the project, Fashion Futures Media, we wanted to

Creating a community with Streetwear – a conversation with Real Haze

Has streetwear been overdone? The popularity of streetwear has created an opportunity for independent designers to start their brands. The style has allowed interdisciplinary practice in fashion seeing different cultural groups and artistic mediums come together. With drastic changes happening

The Female Gaze – a new angle to fashion photography

How do you approach an industry that has a preconceived notion of your identity? When I was younger beauty heavily influenced my decision when choosing my favourite contestant or member of a girl band. I would go with who I

Building an authentic digital brand

“Your brand is your story. So let me tell you my story“, Lauren B begins as our second speaker for our 2020 Digital Detox series. Brand consultant Lauren B joins us to lead a workshop, exploring how we can create

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