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YKWU in 2023: A Year of Progress

Our monthly knitting club You can Knit With Us returns on Sunday 28th January. However before we look forward, let’s


DEAR EARTH by Colèchi

Last week the Colèchi team were invited to take a day trip to the Hayward Gallery, across the river from


A Break from Mushrooms

The news that Mylo, a mushroom based leather alternative by US innovation company Bolt Threads, will be taking a break,

Clean Fashion Summit: Fashion and Farming Talk

As part of 2022’s Clean Fashion Summit: aGREENculture, we explored the link between fashion and farming and invited guest speakers at the forefront of sourcing in fashion. Watch the panel in full here.

In Conversation With Francesco – VM for TRAID

In search of a non-profit second-hand retailers perspective I speak to Francesco Colucci, a Visual Merchandise Representative for Traid, to hear their thoughts on the vintage and second-hand market today.

In Conversation With Gigi – Gigi’s Dressing Room

As we talk, I am immediately hit with the warmth and kindness that radiates from her and makes her boutique so successful. She is passionate about sustainability, clothing, self-confidence, and evolving the world of fashion.

What is the Value of Vintage Clothing Today?

Should pre-loved clothing exist on a scale, with vintage as the new luxury at one end and second-hand poly-mixes inhabiting the other end? As buying second-hand becomes increasingly popular, I take a look at the issues within the resale market.


discussions from uni


The Impact of Fashion on the Climate and Remote Communities

Colèchi talks with Margo about fashion’s shocking contribution to climate change and the ways it affects the small, remote communities; often, these communities contribute the least to the pollution but feel the consequences the most.

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