Standing by your identity in Fashion with Farah Liz Pallaro

We explored Digital Detox as part of our Self-Care series in 2020. We hosted a three-part online workshop series at the beginning of June. Session one was led by Farah Liz Pallaro, author of Fashion. Business. Spirituality: A call to the lightworkers of the fashion industry. Farah has 20 years of experience in the fashion industry working with clients such as Dolce & Gabbana, WGSN and Graduate Fashion Week; and now helps large organisations achieve positive change by promoting well being and putting the human aspects at the centre.

The workshop explored the theories discussed in Farah’s book, revolved around using spirituality, defined as “our internal GPS that drives us to the right direction”, to navigate the fashion industry. All participants took part in the workshop by sharing the things they loved and barriers. We’ve uploaded the video below for all members to watch, learn and take notes.

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What did we talk about?

The workshop was a great insight into the positive mindset needed to survive as an individual in the fashion space, includes great advice on rising above toxic spaces and looking inwards to solve problems. Throughout the conversation, Farah touches on our relationship with our ego; accepting yourself and your needs to ensure you receive what you want. 40 minutes into the workshop, we touch on the money mindset for those of us freelancing or running businesses; plus activities and thoughts to help us discover what we want from life and productive ways to spend our time so that we’re constantly moving one step towards who we are meant to be.

Our 5 favourite quotes from Farah


“Life is about internal factors and external factors. You do not have control of what others think and what others say. You need to feed your true self as best you can. Includes the information you put in your brain. The food you put in your body. The right everything that supports you and keeps you balance.”


“Use your space to create real conversations with your tribe.”

Recommended book: Seth Godin – Tribes (Seth Godin is a massive leader in marketing!).


“Money. You need to earn it, keep it, grow it”


“Do you want to be a designer? or do you just want to say you work for [INSERT LUXURY BRAND]. Because they are completely different things. The latter is your ego. If you want to be a designer there are many brands that will give you the freedom to be a designer and treat you like a human.  It’s your job to say no.”


“Do as many things as you love. That will lead to self-discovery. You are investing in yourself. The more you discover about yourself, the more tools you have to fight against a system. “

Farah also echoed some wonderful words about our generation (millennials and Gen Z) – and here it is: “Your generation, you guys have more energy. We (my generation) accepted almost anything. Stick to that energy (you have). You are warriors. You stand for your values. That is a gift that you have.”

The Balance Worksheet

40 minutes into the workshop, Farah suggested this activity to help us visualise where we want to focus our attention on a daily basis, “we all have the same number of hours in a day”, we just need to focus on the areas that matter. Download our printable worksheet below with instructions.

There are 4 sections which includes:
YOU (everything that revolves around your interests and wellbeing)
WORK (your professional duties)
LIFE (daily necessities such as cooking)
LOVE (all relationships)

Once you’ve filled each section with the things you do, decide how much of your energy you will spend on each category by taking 100% and deciding how much of the 100 you want to spend on each section each day.

YOU should take a majority of your time. “You cannot give from an empty vessel”

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