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We explored our concept of Clean Fashion in September 2020. Colèchi presents Clean Fashion, a new term that brings to light every stage of the fashion process. We introduced the term with a series of online events from 18-23 September 2020, exploring the full fashion production line, inviting founders and creatives to speak about the production chain. From fabric sourcing to manufacturing; marketing and packaging. Clean fashion is a movement that seeks to understand how we can make each area of the garment production process more ethical and explores the new way of working emerging in fashion.

In this conversation, we discuss what the image of sustainability looks like for brands and in the media. We ask the role marketing and the media plays in forming the language and perception of what sustainability is and who the movement belongs to. How influencers are playing a role in spreading awareness and re-educating the industry; and most importantly representation. As continents like Africa and Asia face the devastating consequences of fast fashion, this panel hears from women of colour based in UK who are talking about sustainability in fashion.

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Audrey Migot-Adholla

Yala Jewellery

Audrey Migot-Adholla is the founder of Yala, an award-winning African jewellery brand for the modern woman. Ethically and sustainably made in Kenya by artisans working in the informal sector and winner of “Jewellery Brand of the Year” in the 2019 Sustainable Lifestyle Awards. Yala is also the very first jewellery company in the UK to become a Certified B Corporation.

Emma Slade Edmondson

ESE Consultancy

Emma Slade Edmondson heads up ESE Consultancy, a creative strategic marketing agency working to elevate brands, initiatives and organisations who are looking to focus their business to harness social or environmental good. Emma is renowned for her transformational approach to retail marketing and behaviour change campaigns.

Ngoni Chikwenengere

We are Kin

WE ARE KIN is an emerging sustainable label founded by Ngoni Chikwenengere. We are  focused on creating an understated sense of sartorial refinement, aided by strong silhouettes, clean lines and statement pieces that will elevate any closet. At WE ARE KIN our  design approach is one of functionality but with a carefully considered and conceptual approach to form, design and fabrication.

Olive Hooper

CYFR World

Olive Hooper is a fashion designer, illustrator, music enthusiast and founder of fashion label CYFR World; a brand that is not just a label but a community for music lovers. By combining her love for music and sustainable fashion, she hopes to alter the way people approach consumption and visualisation when listening to music.

Rosette Ale

Revival London

Rosette, also known as @thriftqueenlola, a sustainable fashion content creator and founder of Revival, a sustainable fashion brand centred on tackling textile waste and empowering women.

Shilpa Bilimoria

House of Bilimoria

Shilpa Bilimoria is the designer and founder of Ethical Fashion Label House of Bilimoria. Dressmaking, seamstress and tailoring in London. Her skill and experience are of many years of hands-on deconstructing and reconstructing garments and textiles.

Shopé Delano

Brand/content marketer

Shope is a brand marketer and headshot photographer with a particular interest in consumer brands, fashion and sustainability. She started her career as an award-winning content creator, working in-house at ASOS, and partnering with brands such as Nike and Puma, before moving into the world of startups and venture capital, working with the likes of Depop, Drover, Common Objective and Forward Partners. She’s working on a direct-to-consumer workwear brand set to launch in 2021, and shares her musings on sustainability and living a well examined life via Instagram.

5 things we took away


“People’s lives over profit.”
Ngoni Chikwenengere


“It’s a trend when it’s in a magazine and on your shiney phone. It become a reality when you are in the village. When you are seeing the shores washed up with a bunch of plastic. When you are seeing communities that are not thriving anymore when they once were. When you see that reality, you can’t unsee it.”
Shilpa Bilimoria


“Most of the products we are making (small independent brands), are correctly priced. Most of the products that are on the market, the fast fashion, have been artificially priced, low, designed to just shift product.”
Audry Migot-Adholla


“Sustainability is not a binary thing. It’s not us vs them. It’s not: I’m taking care of the planet and you’re not”
Shopé Delano


“When I was in uni, sustainability always seemed like a dirty word. Too expensive. I use other words, like recycle, end-of-roll to explain to my consumer. I don’t think this generation know the whole entirty of what being sustainable means.”

Olive Hooper

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