Telling your message through your brand with Lauren B

We explored Digital Detox as part of our Self-Care series in 2020. We hosted a three-part online workshop series at the beginning of June. Session two was led by Lauren B.

The workshop explored the steps to creating your digital marketing plan . All participants took part in the workshop by sharing the things they loved and barriers. We’ve uploaded the video below for all members to watch, learn and take notes.

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What did we talk about?

Lockdown became a perfect excuse to reflect – in fact, it forced us to rethink many things, and one area we questioned was the identity of our brands and businesses, and the best way to create a strong brand and portfolio. We often question who we are and what we want to give to the world through our brands; and how to get this message across so that your clients know that you will provide. It is important to build relationships and continue the dialogue between you and your audience. It is possible to create a digital marketing plan that feels human. For Lauren, she expressed that sharing your story including both the ups and downs is a great way to connect with your audience; and the digital world means we are able to easily reach out to people with a quick search. However, the first place to start when creating a digital marketing plan is with yourself, then deciding which part you will bring into your business then finally knowing exactly who your audience is.

Our 5 favourite quotes from Lauren


“Your brand is your story. So let me tell you my story”


“What do you want to be known for? Who do you want to work with?
Once these elements are clear, you will know what you can share and what you will not share.”


“(Always) start with your audience. You know your audience well but you have a different way of describing your audience (e.g. by gender, age group) – you need to know your audience on a personal level. Go deep down into who is this person. How old are they? What job do they do? What is their dream? What makes them laugh/cry?”


“I don’t think (a business plan) is useful when you start. Because things change. You need to be flexible. You need an outline more than a plan when you are starting out”


“I have an answer to getting more followers, and you might not like it.

There isn’t (a cheat). What’s worked very well is sharing my story. Sharing my personal struggle. Aiming to build actual connection with people on the platform. You could do a lot of different tactics but that will not guarantee a natural audience.”

The conversation ended with Lauren reminding us that despite all of the changes we are seeing and experiencing, “The world is not stopping. It is starting, just in a different way.” If you still need help, head over to her page. Lauren also runs a 5-week coaching course called Make Your Mark, where she works with a group of creatives to help them build their brands.

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