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Starting a business with your friends

Archtype’s Story 

Three friends, an idea and the want to take back power and have control of their future while making an impact. We caught up with the founders of Archtype, a fashion house which lives and breathes their values, they create clothing for young people and each of their pieces embraces urban cultural influences.

It was started by three fashion-obsessed friends in college, Jaydon Sullivan (lead designer), Thomas Wisdom (lead in finance), and Josh Akapo (lead in branding/marketing).

Archtype have worked with brands who represent youth culture today, from Lovebox Festival to Stormzy.and various other artists, and they set an example by branching out and doing creative work outside the fashion industry too, which has never been so important for any creative who needs to remain current.

As part of our Fashion Founders month, we asked them 2 questions – why did you start your business and what keeps you going? We were lucky enough to get a response from all 3, and here is what they had to say:

“I love creativity, I love having something me and my boys can look at and say ‘wow, we built this’

What made you start your business?

“The business really came about from just wanting to create clothes that my friends and I could wear. It took off from there when we realised we could put out a message through the clothes we produce and that gave birth to the whole Under New Management (UNM) collection.”

“If I am completely honest, one reason I wanted to start the business was that I wanted a way to make money in college. The lasting reason was because it was something fun. It was cool to see and hear other people liking the ideas that we came up with.”

“I wasn’t allowed to get a job in college but I wanted a hustle, so I started a business. That age (16/17) was when fashion started to become important to me, and my friends were thinking of starting a clothing venture, so I added myself to the plan and here we are”

What makes you continue running Archtype?

“I love creativity, I love having something me and my boys can look at and say ‘wow, we built this’. The journey has been crazy so far and we’ve worked with so many dope people – we have so much more to do to impact fashion and the creative industries at large.”

“I still get that feeling of excitement from designing new garms and sharing ideas with friends. We never set out to get rich from making clothes it was just the love for fashion, streetwear and the culture we all share that motivates us to keep going.”

“I enjoy putting things out, I don’t care that much about the money or the reactions we get, I just enjoy doing it and putting stuff out. I also believe it will grow in the future and make a huge impact in many more ways than just in fashion.”

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