YKWU: The Knitwear Designers of 2022

Our monthly knitting club has seen a great deal of wondrous effort from its participants and the facilitators that help us host the events throughout 2022. We would like to share our favourite YKWU designers so far, in order to celebrate their contribution and showcase their work.

We began the club on Sunday the 23rd of January 2022. The Colèchi team collaborated with Tate Britain and hosted the first official You can Knit With Us (YKWU) event in collaboration with Sarah Beasley of Sulk Knitwear. It was delightful to be immersed in an intricate craft alongside all skill levels, from beginners to experts, and to be led by emerging knitwear designers that continue to work closely with hand techniques. 

Since then, our monthly knitting club has continued to grow and we have been proud to collaborate with designers, locals and educators. 

Our Clean Fashion Campaign champions understanding how fashion is made and connecting us with our clothing. According to the Earth Logic principles, localism is all about “favouring the use of nearby resources, place-specific knowledge and community self-reliance.” With the development of a club like YKWU, we aim to use the excess resources available to us as well as reconnect local people with the action of making clothes or accessories. Here are the designers that joined us in 2022.

CROCHETCOOKEY by Kimberley Cookey-Gam

Crochetcookey is an art project that exists to address the balance between independent creativity and a desire for connection. Crochet pieces handmade by Kimberley Cookey-Gam, spans clothing & accessories to sculpture to functional objects.

SULK KNITWEAR by Sarah Beasley

SULK Knitwear is a hand-knitting passion project by Sarah Beasley. Making unique custom creations, each piece is made with love over 10-40 hours. In Autumn 2020 during a global pandemic, her Mum taught her to knit and the rest was history. 

LOUPY STUDIO by Evvia Gonzales

Loupy studio is a one-woman show. All pieces are designed and handmade with love by Evvia Gonzales in Norwich, UK. Each item is constructed from vintage or deadstock luxury materials, found on eBay or in secondhand stores.

EMILY LAMB by Emily Goodge

Emily Lamb is a brand story telling through a fiction inspired narrative. Emily Lamb was birthed from a love for friendship, farm and folklore. Each piece made from British wool.

TOBI CROCHETS by Tobi Opesan

Tobi is a crochet designer. As well as taking on commissions, Tobi shares her handmade Anime inspired makes on her Instagram @tobicrochets.

OIE SLATE by Oie Slate

Oie Slate is an emerging textile artist and designer with a particular specialisation in knit and weave. Experimenting with raw fibres and natural dyes. 

MILRAHESI by Fadzi Sango

Milrahesi is a small made-to-order accessories brand run by Fadzi. Launched in 2022, this is a project born out of a desire to be playful with the traditional crafts of knit and crochet exploring different technical applications. 

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