Clean Fashion 2020

In the hopes to move towards a planet first industry, Colèchi presents Clean Fashion, a new term that brings to light every stage of the fashion process. Introducing the term with a series of online events from 18-23 September 2020, with some of the recordings below. The online series explores the full fashion production line, inviting independent creatives to speak about each section. From fabric sourcing to packaging to marketing. Clean fashion is a movement that seeks to understand how we can make each area of the process ethical and explores the new way of working emerging in fashion.

Rewatch the open conversations with the independent people driving new ways of working in the fashion space.

The Talks

  • Mon 21 Sep // A Cleaner Process – From garment production, workers and delivery
  • Tue 22 Sep // The Image of Sustainability – The changing expectations of influencers, media and marketing
  • Wed 23 Sep // The After Life – A Back to Sender Concept

A Cleaner Process: From garment production, workers and delivery

We discuss local manufacturing, measuring carbon footprint, sourcing materials locally and supporting emerging designers as the fashion industry shifts to create more sustainable manufacturing processes.

Tee Eben, Never Fade Factory 
Genia Mineeva, BEEN London 
Diana Kakkar, Maes London

The Image of Sustainability – The changing expectations of influencers, media and marketing

We discuss the role that the media, communications and marketing play in the movement towards a more sustainable fashion industry. Questioning where the responsibility lies and the role the media plays, from journalists, press to influencers. We also have an open discussion on representation and greenwashing.

Emma Slade Edmondson, ESE Consultancy (Moderator)
Rosette Ale, Revival London 
Shope Delano, Brand/content marketer 
Audrey Migot-Adholla, Yala Jewellery 
Ngoni, We are Kin 
Shilpa Bilimora, House of Bilimora
Olive Hooper, CYFR World



Colechi is a co-learning platform for independent creatives in fashion, art and design. We create online and offline spaces where creatives can share ideas and understand how to exist in the fashion and creative industry.

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