CONGREGATIONdesign is an innovative design laboratory. Under the shape of an anonymous collective, CONGREGATIONdesign gathers designers and makers from all practices. The team is fluid and changes from project to project. 


All projects are explorative and experimental in nature. Displayed is the one-off Upcycled Dress and Cycling Shorts from the Lookbook III collection. Designed by Marie, the garments are made from upcycled 90s cycling jerseys. Scraps of unused material are then transformed into Zero Waste Scrunchies. Marie comes from a cycling family, and sourced her materials from close family members, therefore, making this collection a personal one for the designer.   


Sustainability is at the core of every project. Because of this, their projects are never seasonal, rather, the projects are only launched when they have got something to say. CONGREGATIONdesign aims to disrupt the mass production culture by making limited garments at a time, including limited edition and one-of-a-kind pieces upon request.   


Under the shape of an anonymous collective, CONGREGATIONdesign gathers designers and makers of all horizons around one brief, the team is fluid and changes from one project to another.

Sustainability is core to the project, valorising social and natural resources at every stage.

Acting at the other end of the chain too, CONGREGATIONdesign disrupts current production and wholesale norms, by making ethically and transparently a handful amount of pieces; including very limited edition, one-of-a-kind, made on request and one-off art pieces.


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