Clean Fashion Exhibition: LDF21

Colèchi presents Clean Fashion, an exhibition of designers and artists putting the planet at the centre of design, for London Design Festival 2021 as part of the Southwark South District, at VITRINE, London.

Clean Fashion focuses on how every stage of producing a finished garment – sourcing fabrics, manufacturing, marketing and its end life – can be reimagined to develop a more circular process.

The Climate Emergency has forced us to collectively reevaluate the fashion supply chain and understand the influence agriculture, technology, and transport has on the planet. A generation of independent designers are pioneering new research ideas, methods and techniques to produce Fashion. Clean Fashion explores each stage of the garment-making process. The exhibition features biodesign and regenerative textiles, fashion from repurposed waste material, and the use of community and local initiatives. Revisiting the current cycle through a multidisciplinary lens that explores better ways of production that put people and the planet first.

Featured Designers

Azura Lovisa 

Azura Lovisa is a London-based slow fashion luxury label rooted in storytelling, exploring hybridity and transcultural flows while crafting a contemporary mythology people can inhabit. Garments are made with intention, featuring handwoven natural fabrics where marks of the maker are evident. Committed to sustainability, ethical practice, and honouring traditional crafts and heritage, Azura Lovisa designs collections that are small, seasonless and gender fluid.

CQ Studio by Cassie Quinn

Cassie Quinn is the founder of CQ Studio, which was created during her MA in Biodesign at CSM. CQ Studio focuses on the R&D of regenerative textiles, specifically from fibres that are local or waste materials. CQ Studio is exhibiting a coat made from the project Inflaxuation, a thesis project at MA Biodesign, CSM.


CONGREGATIONdesign is an innovative and forward-thinking laboratory. Under the shape of an anonymous collective, CONGREGATIONdesign gathers designers and makers of all horizons around one brief. CONGREGATIONdesign disrupts current production and wholesale norms, by making ethically and transparently a handful of pieces; including very limited edition, one-of-a-kind, made on request and one-off art pieces, of which they will be exhibiting. 

Eirinn Hayhow

‘See the beauty in everything, Find the light in the darkness’, Eirinn Hayhow reimagines our waste materials into high-vibe garments. She deconstructs traditional shapes into punk glamour. Garments are stamped with her unique painterly artworks and motifs; influenced by “absurdities found in nature.’ Eirinn will display a pineapple Long Leather Jacket made from pinatex. 

Fée Uhssi

Fée Uhssi is a London based Franco Nigerian stylist and ethical fashion designer. The Paris born and raised designer has primarily used textiles as her creative medium since the late 1990s. Alongside her mother, Kati Ertel, textile designer, they founded the Bolono Mali project in Bamako, Mali. Together they support local artists by providing training in textile production, with a specific focus on a mudcloth known as Bogolan. 

Revival by Rosette Ale

Revival is a fashion reconstruction brand centred on sustainability and currently specialising in the repurposing of denim textiles. We create contemporary designs using preloved textiles without compromising on style. Revival is exhibiting the deconstruction and reconstruction of discarded clothing to showcase the stages of upcycling and redesigning a garment. 

South West England Fibreshed

South West England Fibreshed is part of a global movement of local initiatives reimagining the way that we make and wear our clothing. By reconnecting ‘fashion’ with farming, they are building bioregional systems for clothing production that can nourish, rather than exhaust, our communities and biosphere. Fibreshed will showcase a short film created between January and March 2021 by Fibreshed director Emma Hague and filmmaker Hatty Bell as they went on the road to meet local fibre farmers and processors in the South West of England.

The Slipper Project

The Slipper Project is a first of its kind in the UK, bringing people closer than ever to the processes, techniques and materials behind their footwear, by empowering them to make a pair of felt slippers at home using only British materials, sourced directly from farmers and producers within the South West of England. The kit will be displayed at the exhibition. 

Zoe Sherwood

Londoner Zoe Sherwood is an artist that empowers and tells stories through her designs. Her work inspires the wearer and the viewer. Bringing this full circle into the raw materials with her NEW collection using Marine Filament (3D printed recycled Cornish fishing net filament) working together with innovative producers in the UK, all designed are hand-finished with sterling silver posts and scrolls by Zoe in her South London Studio.

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