Reimagining Media: Online Exhibition

We’ve always questioned the involvement and influence of the media within the ethical fashion conversation, and we are excited to bring you FashionFutureMedia, a collaborative project that reimagines an inclusive, responsible and creative fashion media industry. Fashion Future Media is a collective of concerned creatives, including members of Atlas of the Future, Makerversity and Colèchi communities. Together we are taking this journey to explore how fashion media can put people and the planet first, using Earth Logic – the Fashion Action Research Plan from Kate Fletcher and Mathilda Tham as our framework and our guide.

“Media too often either ignores – or exploits – many people or communities, whether in the stories told, images presented or through exclusion from creative opportunities. Fashion and lifestyle media need new role models, new voices and greater representation. Meanwhile, sustainability stories under the cover of conscious consumerism perpetuate the myth that growth and overproduction can continue.”


The exhibition can be enjoyed within the comfort of your own home, watch the short video below, then head over to the exhibition here: to explore a few of our favourite global projects that are remolding the way that we share stories and information in fashion.




Colechi is a co-learning platform for independent creatives in fashion, art and design. We create online and offline spaces where creatives can share ideas and understand how to exist in the fashion and creative industry.

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