Zoe Sherwood
is a London based artist that aims to inspire and empower people with her text based designs. Sherwood’s most recent launch, ‘Save’ ‘Earth’ , highlights the climate change crisis with jewelry made from discarded and reclaimed fish nets.


The material used in ‘Save’ ‘Earth’ is the first fully recycled nylon filament that is completely circular, and therefore, endlessly recyclable. Fish nets are first 3D printed into a line of marine filament called ‘Porthcurno’, the highest quality blend of marine nylon filament produced by Fishy Filament in Cornwall. 


Sherwood emphasizes the importance of keeping production local – each of Sherwood’s designs are printed locally at Marine Filament by Benthos in Cornwall. All pieces are then sent to Sherwood’s South London studio to be hand finished and completed with sterling silver. The marine green pigments in each piece come naturally from the fish nets, reminding us of its past life. With her fun yet bold pieces, Sherwood hopes to spark conversations about climate change with both the viewer and the wearer of her creations. 


Londoner Zoe Sherwood is an artist that empowers and tells stories through her designs.
The self, ‘Me’ is the starting point, and a word that is featured throughout her work.
‘You’ ‘Love’ ‘Peace’ ‘WOW’ (a collaboration with Women Of The World Foundation) and ‘Hope’ were launched in 2020. Her work aims to inspire the wearer and the viewer.

WEBSITE: www.zoesherwood.co.uk

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