Meet the people who shop small

Meet the small fashion brand consumers who are reminding us why we love independent stores and sharing what transparency looks like to them. We’re guilty of summarising all retail customers with one voice. “They don’t like spending any more”, “they all buy less often”, “they’re all being picky”, as retail sales declines and customers demand […]

The truth about running a fashion business

What does it take to run your own business in the UK fashion industry? Our latest event, The Fashion Founders asked founder of clothing brand You People (YP), Emmy Dayal and fashion and portrait photographer Katt Webster to share what it takes to run your own thing. YP has turned the classic denim jacket into […]

Being an inbetweenie model in the UK

Becoming a model. With Kitty Underhill Modelling is one of the top 5 ways to get your foot in the fashion industry, but it doesn’t come with a clear set path. With a clear cut between becoming the face of everything in the name of celebrity privilege, to the rise of social media influencers who have […]

Why it’s important to make connections

Our first ever series of events, Become a Fashion Brand, sold out in weeks, this was before we butterflied into our new brand Colèchi. We had the pleasure to have Golan Frydman, co-founder of fashion brand Fyodor Golan, speak to us on the 3rd event in that series about making connections in the industry. Golan […]

Starting a business with your friends

Archtype’s Story  Three friends, an idea and the want to take back power and have control of their future while making an impact. We caught up with the founders of Archtype, a fashion house which lives and breathes their values, they create clothing for young people and each of their pieces embraces urban cultural influences. […]