Building a connection with your subjects – Colèchi Meets Kid Circus

Portrait and fashion photographer Kid Circus is a DJ turned fashion photographer who discovered a love for photography when he got his first iPhone. Experimenting with landscapes and architecture eventually led him to portrait photography and then fashion. Although he started with digital mediums he now predominantly shoots on film. Photography is one of the […]

Making your own fashion calendar – Colèchi meets Room for Moon

The death of the fashion calendar has arrived, brands and designers including Chloé, Dries van Noten and Tory Burch have signed a petition to overhaul the seasonal traditions. Brands have decided it’s time to put an end to constant sales and overproduction. In January fashion brand Room for Moon opened its first pop up store […]

The End of London Fashion Week? A Conversation with Laura Krarup Frandsen

Boycott Fashion by Extinction Rebellion is a 52-week pledge to not buy new clothing or textiles. Extinction Rebellion has planned to interrupt London Fashion Week in September with protests. The boycott is to put an end to ‘the fashion industry and its ecocidal, unethical system of pointless production.’ Unlike most industries, the fashion industry has […]

The Female Gaze – a new angle to fashion photography

How do you approach an industry that has a preconceived notion of your identity? When I was younger beauty heavily influenced my decision when choosing my favourite contestant or member of a girl band. I would go with who I then thought was the prettiest, and she wasn’t the dark-skinned girl or the thicker girl. The […]

Do something with your passion

Season 7’s Story London based New Yorker Blair Namia has always had a passion for statement coats. When she realized there wasn’t a platform that presented the unique coats she’s always looking for, she created Season 7. Season 7 is the destination for statement outerwear. Blair collaborates with various up and coming brands to curate […]