In March last year we joined Laetitia Forst for the Herewear workshop at the Centre for Circular Design to explore the ever-growing world of bio-textiles.  The fashion industry faces increasing scrutiny over its environmental impact and ethical concerns associated with

YKWU: The Knitwear Designers of 2022

Our monthly knitting club has seen a great deal of wondrous effort from its participants and the facilitators that help us host the events throughout 2022. We would like to share our favourite YKWU designers so far, in order to

Post COP26: Expectations for COP27

Last year’s Cop26 covered the vast spectrum of sustainability, with experts, figures and speakers from government and industry. The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Convention was held in Glasgow back in October. So who was there and what has happened

The Vegan Leather Guide

THE VEGAN LEATHER GUIDE Animal leather is without a doubt subject to ethical and environmental concerns. According to the United Nations, animal agriculture (which includes meat and leather harvesting) is responsible for 14.5% of greenhouse gas emissions. The Environmental Protection

Inflaxuated with Cassie Quinn

We question what happens when we reinvent materials that have existed locally for centuries. In conversation with founder of CQ Studio, Cassie Quinn we unravel her research on diversifying the use of flax as a material and her journey into regenerative practices.

Eirinn Hayhow Presents PLANTASIA for London Fashion Week

‘You are magic, believe it’ reads the slogan of British designer Eirinn Hayhow’s new collection PLANTASIA. Eirinn isn’t referencing fictional magic or using the phrase as a generic method of encouragement. Instead, magic sheds light on the power of everything

Clean Fashion Summit: Fashion and Farming Talk

As part of 2022’s Clean Fashion Summit: aGREENculture, we explored the link between fashion and farming and invited guest speakers at the forefront of sourcing in fashion. Watch the panel in full here.

Clean Fashion 2022: aGREENculture [EVENT]

On the 17th March 2022, Colèchi will be hosting our very own Clean Fashion Summit 2022: aGREENculture at the River Rooms, Somerset House, London. The event aGREENculture explores the link between fashion and agriculture, as clothing is the centerpiece of the industry,

In Conversation With Francesco – VM for TRAID

In search of a non-profit second-hand retailers perspective I speak to Francesco Colucci, a Visual Merchandise Representative for Traid, to hear their thoughts on the vintage and second-hand market today.

In Conversation With Gigi – Gigi’s Dressing Room

As we talk, I am immediately hit with the warmth and kindness that radiates from her and makes her boutique so successful. She is passionate about sustainability, clothing, self-confidence, and evolving the world of fashion.

What is the Value of Vintage Clothing Today?

Should pre-loved clothing exist on a scale, with vintage as the new luxury at one end and second-hand poly-mixes inhabiting the other end? As buying second-hand becomes increasingly popular, I take a look at the issues within the resale market.

Revealing patterns? Interview with Erika Maish

For designer Erika Maish, the making of her garments demands perhaps more creative labour than in the design process itself. “There’s a level of enjoyment that’s in the physical crafting of fashion – it’s not always about the efficiency in

Are Charity Shops still an option?

When Charity shops are oversubscribed with our second-hand clothing, what are the alternative ways to get rid of our old clothes? With the increase in frequent wardrobe cleansing and charity shops receiving more donations than they can handle, are they

Digital Clothing Changing Social Media

For many, how we present ourselves to others on social media has become just as significant as how we express ourselves daily. With fashion constantly evolving and increasing pressure to reduce overproduction, digital clothing is rising.  With virtual garments becoming

Trust Issues in Fashion: The new CMA Legalisation

With the birth of transparency within the fashion industry, greenwashing became a byproduct, a misleading movement made successful through buzzwords. As a consumer in the age of eco-consciousness and awareness, do we have enough information about the clothes we wear?

Clean Fashion Exhibition: LDF21

Colèchi presents Clean Fashion, an exhibition of designers and artists putting the planet at the centre of design, for London Design Festival 2021 as part of the Southwark South District, at VITRINE, London. Clean Fashion focuses on how every stage

Reimagining Media: Online Exhibition

We’ve always questioned the involvement and influence of the media within the ethical fashion conversation, and we are excited to bring you FashionFutureMedia, a collaborative project that reimagines an inclusive, responsible and creative fashion media industry. Fashion Future Media is

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